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What is a Chakra, Anyway?

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “vortex”. In the context of energy healing, these vortexes – chakras – are energy centers in our aura, corresponding to our body, mind and spirit. There are 7 major chakras in our energetic fields. They act as receivers and transmitters of subtle energetic shifts. Each chakra functions on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Healthy chakras reflect a healthy mind, body and spirit. To visualize a healthy chakra, they should be spinning, clear, vibrant and full of light energy. They should be round in appearance, rotating clockwise to circulate light energy throughout. With this circulation, healthy chakras enhance your general health and wellbeing. The energy remains moving, fresh, revitalized and flowing in a constant smooth motion.

However, chakras can become blocked, clogged up or out of balance. When this happens, energy cannot be properly circulated. Chakras can become blocked through emotional manifestations such as fear, anger or anxiety. The health of our chakras is reflective of the health of our bodies and minds. Ingesting toxins (such as unhealthy food, smoking or environmental toxins) is unhealthy to our bodies. Likewise, these toxins also affect the health of our chakras.

If energy is not flowing freely through our energy centers, we can start to feel unwell. Unhealthy or clogged chakras can appear as cracked, deformed or out of alignment. To unblock or clear an unhealthy chakra, scans and directed energy healing must be used. As chakras act as a system, one unhealthy chakra can spiral the others out of alignment.

Learn how to scan your chakras for imbalance or blockages. Be gently guided to clear and heal your chakras and auric system. Keep your chakras healthy, and light energy freely flowing. Join Frances for our Chakra Balancing Workshop, Sunday May 14 at 9:30am-12:00pm.

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