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Self Care Survival

Sometimes you can be going through the motions of life when all of a sudden, it all feels like too much. You feel both overwhelmed and drained at the same time. You’re tired first thing in the morning, and the exhaustion deepens throughout the day. You were fine a little while ago, what suddenly went wrong?

You can’t drive a car with no gas in it. Similarly, you can’t keep pushing through your life without replenishing your energetic reserves. When your tank runs dry, you feel empty, agitated, hollowed out, anxious or depressed. These emotions are your body’s guide. They are letting you know that you are depleted. They tell you that you need to stop, take stock, and take care of yourself before moving on.

Self care is an essential exercise in wellbeing. Without it, we can run ourselves into the ground. With it, we can make our own wellness a priority, and set our lives back in balance.

Some excellent ways to practice compassionate self care are:


If you feel like your thoughts are starting to run away with you, get them down on paper. The act of writing out your emotions helps you to make sense of them and let them peacefully pass.


Either become attuned to heal yourself, or book a Reiki appointment with a licensed practitioner. Feel the relief of Universal Love Energy flowing back into your mind, body and soul.


Move your body with love. Breathe with compassionate intention. Get onto your mat and move any stagnant energy around to heal stiffness, muscle fatigue and physical malaise.


Sit with your breath. Sit with your body, mind and spirit. Give yourself space in between thoughts and actions to be present within yourself. Meditation can be used as a check in with yourself, to give your intuition time and space to speak up and tell you what you really need.

Give yourself time, space and love to move through your journey. Practicing compassionate self care is an incredibly worthwhile way to do so.

At Serenity, we offer group guided meditation sessions, yoga classes and Reiki treatment to help you get back on track. Contact us today to book your self care appointment.

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