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Basim Al Saie on Entrepreneurship and Installux Gulf

Mr. Basim Al Saie, Managing Director of Installux Gulf was featured in Business in Gulf Magazine. Mr. Al Saie talks the importance of values in business; essential entrepreneurship and what it takes to lead a successful enterprise.

“To me, there are proactive people and reactive people. Reactive people tend to be employees, who are happy having a job and like the stability of 9am–5pm. Proactive people want to take things into their own hands and make things happen.” Mr. Basim Al Saie, Managing Director of Installux Gulf speaks of his ethos.

How can you use your business to challenge the status quo? How can you create a robust product which aligns with your values and those of your market? “Entrepreneurs starting a project need to have that unique feeling whereby they want to challenge the status quo, offering a product or service better than what’s already available.”  Mr. Al Saie explains the preparation behind building a lasting, successful business. Starting Installux Gulf in April 1997, “I thought we had a good opportunity of penetrating the Middle East markets – I did a feasibility study based on estimates, and I’m proud of it because it turned out to be accurate.”

Evolution in business is key. Momentum is as easily lost as gained. Businesses must undertake constant learning if they want to succeed. “One big challenge is that as companies mature, they lose focus and vision.” So, how do businesses stay focused in the long term? Aligning your business vision, mission and values is essential. This allows businesses to have a clear cut set of principles to refer to and build on. “We have a few, important core values: integrity, humility, service, innovation and dedication. Worldwide the construction industry is not one of the “cleanest” in terms of ethics. To me, integrity is essential and in the early days, when we were struggling, I saw people passing us faster and I questioned sticking to my values. Now, I’m proud I did and I’m convinced that it is extremely important for a company. Do not violate the values that you stand for, because now, after 20 years, these values become very clear.”

The implementation of a new logistics centre is top priority for the future. Next on the horizon for Installux Gulf is shifting to a new, top of the line ERP and CRM cloud based system. This will improve our service to customers. Installux Gulf is evolving to provide more robust customer solutions.

“I look back at 20 years and know that the ups and downs provided valuable experience.” Mr. Al Saie reflects. Installux Gulf has exemplified values based business success. Here’s to twenty more years of learning, innovation and evolution.

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