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In Vero Veritas?

It’s no secret that social media can get lonely.  The cycle in which we get caught, scrolling through feeds and feeling dissatisfied has a name. It’s called Compare And Despair, and hits pretty close to home for a lot of individuals. You compare your life – in all it’s nitty-gritty, up and down glory – to the curated highlight reels of your peers’ social media feeds. You then despair that your life does not live up to the effortlessly perfect selfies of those you follow. More social media consumers are becoming disillusioned with this aspect of social media. They are aware of what social media really is – advertising – and are seeking a more honest connection.

Enter Vero. A social media platform which takes the media out of the equation. The idea is that rather than only sharing your highlights to a set number of followers, you can now choose what you share with whom. This supposedly removes the “media” aspect of broadcasting to a set audience. Tailoring what you share and selecting that audience accordingly. This fosters a more honest, intimate connection.

But how is this going to work for business?

Theoretically, tailoring who you share your posts with can be a great tool for market segmentation. You already know that your audience is a collective of individuals. Having the capabilities to treat them as such and tailor your marketing could be a great asset. Not everyone in your distribution list will resonate with the same offerings. Segmenting your marketing efforts within a platform can enable you to only show people what they want to see.

However, this could spell huge obstacles for businesses who are already struggling with reach. You’ve already invested time, effort and money into building a social media presence. Why would you duplicate these efforts on a new, unknown platform?

It is unclear if Vero is looking to plug the hole left by Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms. You know, the algorithms which make it nigh impossible to reach your entire intended audience, unless you pay for it. If so, then Vero may offset the costs of having to build a new audience on a different platform. If you can tailor your audience; send relevant messaging which resonates; AND be guaranteed of reach, Vero may have solved most of your brand’s social media hurdles. However, those are very big ifs. With businesses who already have an invested community on existing social media platforms, it’ll take more than a meaningful manifesto to instigate a leap of faith to Vero. It will take time, numbers and sound metrics to make Vero’s case.

We at Gulf Broadcast are excited to see how Vero can disrupt the social media market. We look forward to seeing if indeed Vero provides marketers a more honest, versatile way of presenting their brand. We’re signing up, and look forward to reporting back on what we find.

Have you heard of businesses moving their social media presence to Vero? Have you thought about creating a presence on Vero yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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