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Invest in Insulation with Installux

Would you rather invest more now to save more later? Thermal break insulation in windows and doors makes this trade off an easy choice. Cost efficiency and environmental benefits should be a lifelong guarantee. Ten, fifteen, twenty years down the line – you still want your home or building to be properly insulated. Thermal break insulation provides the answer.

What is thermal break insulation? Thermal break insulation in aluminium doors and windows is a separation in the aluminium. This prevents the external environment from affecting the interior of a building. In Bahrain and in our region, this is essential. It stops the cool interior temperature from being affected by the solar and external hot air through your windows. It stops the outside heat from affecting the cool interior comfortable space.

Thermal break insulation protects your home and your budget from unnecessary energy waste and expenses. By insulating your windows, you reduce the load off of your air conditioning system. When your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard, you decrease your energy consumption. You reduce your utility bill substantially. Making the investment now to use thermal break insulation pays dividends far into the future. Insulating your home is insulating your budget.

Thermally insulated aluminium doors and windows cost and additional 15-25% than conventional models. This marginal initial expense more than offsets itself in savings down the road. As windows and many doors are predominantly glass in our region, it’s important to invest in proper materials that save money and energy over time.

Energy efficient buildings are cheaper to run than their traditionally inefficient counterparts. Energy ratings are coming to this region’s buildings. Developers must consider the energy efficiency of their properties if they want to reap a positive return on investment.

What may be cheaper now will cost you later. What you invest in now will produce savings far into the future.

Curious about how thermal break insulation can save you money? Installux Gulf’s Managing Director, Mr. Basim AlSaie explains thermal insulation as a necessary investment in this month’s Arabian Homes magazine. Think aluminium, think Installux.

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