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Why Companies Should Embrace Social Media

Social media is now a central mainstay of society. Wherever you look, people are scrolling, sharing, tweeting and snapping. The question is, are they coming across your company and your products while doing so? Are they engaging with your brand?

If you’re not active on social media, then perhaps you don’t have the necessary organizational alignment and are lacking the strategic direction to utilise this critical medium. Elsewhere in your business, there may be some hesitation to adopt social media marketing. This is a common misalignment, and it’s one that can seriously hurt your marketing and branding efforts. So how do you get organizational buy in? How do you convince everyone to play for the same team? Here are three key points to convince your business why social media is a necessity, not a luxury. Read on to get the organisational alignment you need.

Reach your audience where they are.

To engage with your audience, you need to talk with them rather than talking at them. Billboards and traditional advertising are one-to-many mediums. You are broadcasting your message out to the masses. But you have no way of creating a meaningful dialogue with them. Social media gives you the capability to have two way conversations with many people in real time. Those who follow your brand want to speak with you about it. They want to learn from your expertise and experiences, and they want to understand what makes you stand out. Social media enables you to have these important conversations with people. Taking the time to talk with your audience rather than at them leads to an invested community around your brand, leading to recall and building loyalty.

Find out who you’re talking to.

With social media, deep analytics are built in.You can see exactly who your marketing efforts are resonating with. Social media gives you an unprecedented look at who your audience is. You may think you are marketing to people in Bahrain. Then, you check your analytics and see that most of your engagement comes from people in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province. What now? You can check, augment and target accordingly. All using credible insights from your social media presence.

A more elegant approach

When it comes to ROI and traditional advertising, without spending a lot of time, effort and even more money, you won’t be able to ascertain the impact your advertisements and marketing efforts. That real-estate is very limited too. There are so many billboards up in Bahrain that they blend into the background. Billboards are now starting to look like roadside raves or even worse, visual pollution that people wilfully ignore. Not a great look to have your brand associated with.

Social media is a much more elegant way to showcase your business’ capabilities where you choose your exact expenditure and reach your audience in the comfort of their own phones. Something that is much more effective than the costs of billboards and other traditional advertising mediums.

The Way Forward

Now that we’ve established that social media marketing is the better business practice. One that the ROI and KPIs could better be defined and thus attained, the task for businesses like yours is now to find the right experienced social media marketing management company to ensure that those metrics are met.

We look forward to guiding you along a successful social media strategy. Please fill in the form below to start the conversation. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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