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Why Veganism?

Living sustainably is becoming more of a world wide priority. We are loving this shift towards conscious consumption!  Being in sync with our environment starts from the ground up. Setting solid roots, nourishing the self and branching out in compassion. Adopting a vegan diet means waking up to the call of compassion. But, it doesn’t have to mean a radical, overnight change! Trying a plant based meal once in a while can help to rewire your palate and expand your appetite awareness.

Veganism is more than a diet. It’s an ethos. It is adopting a lifestyle that is compassionate and in sync with the Earth. It is the respect for living creatures and the environment. It is gratitude for the food which graces our plates. Veganism is going against the grain. It’s making a conscious, individual choice to live in alignment with the Earth and all sentient beings. Veganism goes far beyond the health benefits. Plant based, vegan meals tend to promote mindfulness. You’re more aware of the ingredients which go into your meal. You’re able to honor where they’ve come from to grace your plate, and how naturally delicious they are.

Gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, allergies seem more prevalent than ever these days. Studies show that 65% or more of the world’s population has some kind of lactose intolerance. The food you eat should make you feel good! Plant based meals are easiest on the digestive system. Plants have protein too! A vegan diet is packed full of naturally occurring plant proteins. They are packed full of natural nutrients, proteins and energy. Plant based meals eliminate lactose induced discomfort, while tasting amazing!

Our dishes are all completely vegan, and completely delicious. At Plant Cafe, we never compromise on our values. We value sustainability, ethical eating and that only the freshest ingredients will do. Start your foray into compassionate eating today at Plant Cafe.

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