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Installux Gulf – Building On A Near Century of Experience

We at Installux Gulf recently celebrated a wonderful 20 years in business in the Middle East. To honor this milestone, we would like to re-introduce ourselves.

Installux Gulf is a joint venture Bahraini company with the French group Groupe Installux. We are built on almost a century of experiences and knowledge. In April 1997, Installux Gulf was formed. We set our local roots down and brought a wealth of experience to the Middle East.

Our vision is simple. We strive to have the most efficient and practical range of products for commercial and residential projects. From villa to skyscraper, our products are geared for performance, efficiency and reliability.

Doors and windows in the Middle East need to be built with top of the line thermally efficient specifications. Especially with the harsh summer heat that we face each year. Windows and doors need to insulate air-conditioned interiors from the hot, humid exterior environment. Creating architectural aluminium products that are up to this challenge takes constant innovation. They need to be specially adapted to the needs of this region. Creating these custom solutions requires the relentless pursuit of knowledge, research and development.

Installux is a brand built on values that inherent in everything we do. We stand by our strong core values. They define who we are and what we stand for. Our values are tenets of our business and our corporate culture. They are never compromised.

We value service. Our partners expect the best from us, and rightly so. We strive to always meet and exceed their expectations.

Installux embodies dedication. Our team members are dedicated to their profession. Installux Gulf goes beyond “just a job”. We are a company in which going above and beyond client expectations is a requirement.

We strive towards efficiency. The world is ever evolving; moving faster every day. We understand the need for efficiency to withstand competition and global challenges. Installux Gulf is efficient not just on a local scale, but globally too.

We conduct ourselves with integrity. Our word is our bond. Our values shape everything that we do. They are inherent in our process. Installux Gulf does not seek short term gains. We believe in doing everything right, first time and every time.

We honor humility. We strive to be better. To try harder. In innovation, there is no room for arrogance. We believe that we constantly need to learn, develop and grow. Our long-term focus knows that innovation is a journey, not a destination.

We at Installux Gulf commit to providing a wide range of solutions and products. We commit to delivering the best service. We commit to hassle free and successful projects for our clients. We focus on building long term, fruitful relationships.

Our clients have enjoyed durable, efficient and reliable products. With Installux Gulf, they have enjoyed hassle free trustable brand that made their building projects a success.

When you are partnering with Installux Gulf, you are partnering with a company who holds themselves to the highest standard. Our products, service and partnership are built on solid values.

Think aluminium, think Installux. Be sure to specify Installux Gulf for your next construction project. Contact us today for a consultation.

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